As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to wreak havoc on the economy – including yesterday’s heartbreaking unemployment numbers – Americans are looking to the federal government for aggressive support to equip businesses to handle an uncertain future.

Two recent polls show wide, bipartisan support for government intervention in the economy to keep businesses open and employees in their jobs.

According to a NBC/WSJ poll:

“63% of registered voters said they approve of the expansion of the government’s role in the economy in response to the outbreak.”

 “…The survey reflects comfort with federal influence on the economy during crises usually unseen during calmer periods.”

Further, in a poll conducted by Scott Rasmussen:

“[64%] of voters nationwide believe the government should be required to compensate business owners for any losses caused by the government ordered shutdown.”

With the support of the American people behind them, Congress must move swiftly to create America’s Recovery Fund, which will be a vital lifeline to businesses. The Recovery Fund will provide financial assistance for tangible, real-world use – helping rehire employees and cover essential operating expenses such as rent, utilities, and state and local taxes.

To learn more about America’s Recovery Fund Coalition, and why we’re asking Congress to create a Recovery Fund, please reach out to [email protected].