As Labor Market Hits Rock Bottom, Congress Must Ensure Record Joblessness Remains Temporary


 May 21, 2020 – America’s Recovery Fund Coalition (ARFC) issued the following statement after an additional 2.4 million jobs were lost in the last week, bringing total unemployment to nearly 39 million.

“After a devastating April for the jobs market, unemployment claims continue to mount as businesses downsize and shutter due to the prolonged effect of COVID-19 across sectors,” said Trevor Hanger, research director for ARFC. “While a leveling out of joblessness may be interpreted as a positive indicator by some, suggesting we have reached rock bottom, we are by no means expecting a V-shaped recovery. Without America’s Recovery Fund, which will provide grant-based relief to businesses and employees, these business closures and layoffs have a very real potential to become permanent.

“The potential long-term economic scarring caused by COVID-19 cannot be overstated. America’s Recovery Fund Coalition urges Congress to heed the warnings of Fed Chair Jerome Powell: we must avoid the possibility of ‘longer run damage to the economy through unnecessary insolvencies on the part of households and businesses and long-term unemployment.’

“We are not out of the woods yet, and an absence of adequate support in the short- and mid-term could unnecessarily lead to additional insolvency on behalf of families and small businesses, and therefore prolong the journey toward America’s economic recovery.”


About America’s Recovery Fund Coalition

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