America’s Recovery Fund Coalition represents 45% of the United States workforce. With more than 150 members across retail, restaurants, theaters, gyms, salons, real estate, the travel industry, and financial services, we represent a combined 58 million American workers. We are asking Congress for support to help our businesses, workers, and communities recover.


Americans have filed for unemployment since March


Americans have filed for unemployment since March
[ CNN ]

small businesses have closed forever due to the COVID-19 pandemic


small businesses have closed forever due to the COVID-19 pandemic
[ National Bureau of Economic Research ]

billion already lost in economic output


billion already lost in economic output
[ Wall Street Journal ]


Job losses are at an all-time high, and businesses everywhere are struggling as they stay closed or try to open amid uncertainty and a new normal. From restaurants and bookstores, to theaters and auto body shops, to realtors and barbers – American enterprise is the backbone of our country. And we need help.

Right now, businesses are learning to operate in a new normal — potential reduced capacity, stricter admittance policies, and new expenses to meet important public health and safety measures. This means that we, as business owners and workers, have to navigate practices never before seen or used.

Without assistance from America’s Recovery Fund, American businesses will not be able to reopen, make payroll, and serve our customers. Our communities will be diminished by our loss and negatively affected on a number of levels — economically and socially. As we work to heal America, we are asking Congress to take action and create America’s Recovery Fund to bring our economy and country back.

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America’s Recovery Fund provides funding to help America’s businesses to retain and rehire staff, pay rent, adapt to new requirements, meet certain debt obligations, and pay state and local taxes. The fund will include strict federal oversight and anti-abuse mechanisms. America’s Recovery Fund will be a vital lifeline to businesses, communities, workers, and state and local governments that rely on their success to support local economies.