What is Live Casino?

Live casino is a great way to get the feel of an authentic casino without leaving home. Streamed to your computer in real-time, this type of gambling activity allows you to play table games like poker and blackjack with an actual dealer. Live casinos are also regulated, meaning that players can rest assured they are playing in a secure environment.

The interface between the digital technology of a live casino and its live action is handled by a small piece of hardware called a Game Control Unit (GCU). This little device digitises all the information for the games and sends it to your computer, so you can see the results on the screen almost instantly. Without it, live casino just wouldn’t work.

It’s important to note that while the technology behind live casino is amazing, the outcome of any particular game depends on a number of factors just as in a land-based casino. So while the results are not entirely random, they are far more reliable than a random number generator. This is especially true of roulette wheels, where the odds of a ball landing in a specific area are actually determined by physics.

All OUSC-approved live casino sites have been thoroughly tested to ensure they are reputable and offer a safe gaming experience for their players. Before you make a deposit, be sure to read the terms and conditions of each site carefully. Then choose the one that best meets your needs.

Most live casinos operate out of a special studio or another location with a camera and a betting table. These cameras can be positioned to capture whatever is happening on the table and the dealer’s face, and they can zoom in for close-ups and other details. The resulting video is then transmitted via the Internet to your computer, and you can bet on it just as you would with an online casino game.

Usually, the dealers in live casino are professionally trained to interact with the players. Some of them even speak multiple languages, which gives the experience more authenticity. This is in contrast to RNG-based online casino games, which don’t have any social aspect and leave players feeling a bit disconnected.

Some people prefer to go to a land-based casino because they want the sounds, the smells, and the warmth of an actual brick-and-mortar establishment. Others, on the other hand, are a bit wary of gambling in person and prefer to stay at home.

Live casinos provide a great compromise for both types of people, since they allow them to enjoy the same level of excitement and interactivity that they’d get at a traditional casino but with the added comfort of being at home. To get started, find a top live casino that offers the games you’re interested in and create an account by selecting a username and password. Most of these sites have easy-to-follow account registration processes, but you should be sure to read the terms and conditions to understand exactly what is required of you. You should also look for a bonus code or promo code that can be used to qualify for welcome bonuses.